Production Facility

The production facility is equipped with a wide range of modern production machinery to fulfill orders of any level of complexity.

1000m2 of modern
production premises

Close to the airport,
port and railway



Production Facility

We are proud to work in our newly furnished premises that comply with international standards.

To ensure the safety of our clients’ intellectual property, our premises are equipped with a monitoring and surveillance security systems.

Production facility is equipped with:

  • 3-axis CNC milling machines
  • 5-axis CNC milling machines
  • Multi-axis CNC milling machines
  • Turning / milling machines
  • Automated turning / milling machines
  • Sawing machines

Measurement Laboratory

Our measurement laboratory ensures that tolerances are verified using appropriate equipment and presented in a measurement protocol.

Measurement laboratory is equipped with:

  • Coordinate measuring machine (CMM)
  • Surface roughness testing devices
  • Digital slide calipers
  • Digital micrometers
  • Digital thread micrometers
  • Digital dynamic indicators
  • Thread gauges
  • Pin gauges
  • Gauge blocks


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