Exigum is capable processing prototypes and volume end-use production parts. We ensure high-quality standard for prototyping services.


To ensure results of the highest quality, precision is essential. Our manufacturing engineers follow a strict protocol to verify all the technical documentation, including 3D files, to ensure accuracy.


If our engineers detect any inaccuracies, we will inform you and provide solutions and suggestions to fix them.

We will also inform you if we spot an opportunity for more effective solutions, such as alternative materials and minor design changers, to save time on delivery, production costs, etc.

Quality Check

Our quality assurance department will verify the prototype in order to confirm that it complies with the specifications and tolerances indicated.


The quality assurance process is documented according to our measurement verification protocol. You can request the full verification report prior to the prototyping service.

Want to know more?

We will be pleased to provide you with more information.