Product Manufacturing Services

Exigum offers high-quality CNC machining services, including prototyping, CNC turning, CNC milling, surface finishing, assembly, quality assurance and inspection.


Exigum CNC machining process produces custom prototypes and end-use production parts. We provide a high-quality service for prototyping.

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02CNC Machining

We provide CNC turning and CNC milling. We guarantee that we will meet your project’s anticipated deadlines and quality standards.

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03Surface Finishing

Together with our surface finishing partners, we ensure thermo-chemical and thermal surface treatments to improve the mechanical or visual properties of the treated products.

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04Mechanical system assembly

We provide assembly and to all clients whose parts are manufactured at our facilities.

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05Quality system

Quality of our services is ensured through a standardised process applicable to the production of any part at Exigum.

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